BD Super B Special

BD Super B Special
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Product Description

This is the turbo that we run on our truck. It tows great with 240hp injectors and still does well for sled pulling. Here it is in action!

****Free shipping to lower 48****

****Exhaust downpipe included where applicable****

Super B Special: The Super B Special bridges the performance gap between the Super B turbo and the Super B twin system. Flowing an amazing 80 lbs. of air per minute (compared to 61 lbs./minute for the Super B), the Super B Special is perfect for late-model Cummins common-rail or modified 12-valve engines and can deliver enough air for 550-625 rear wheel horsepower on diesel only. A bolt-in replacement for the stock turbo, the Super B Special kit includes all necessary adapters, new down pipe, spring-loaded T-bar clamps and turbo feed/drain fittings. kits

****2003 and 04 Super B kits include an adapter so the turbo mount exhaust brake can bolt up; later models require a remote mount exhaust brake. 2003-04 Engines that have any more than a 100 hp increase will cause the stock turbo to over speed, surge and fail.