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In all of our Dodge Converters, we offer you a choice of fluid couplings to suit your needs. More efficient fluid couplings reduce the stress on transmission components and also reduce fluid temperature. Call us to help determine which one is best for you and your truck. All of our converters are furnace brazed and tig welded for increased strength. Torrington Bearings are used to reduce internal friction. We have many different lock-up options available to suit the power demands of your truck. Call us and we will build the right Converter for you!

Stock Replacement converters hold 100hp+ worth of modifications! This converter is a stock replacement with a billet front cover. The sprag has been reinforced to prevent failure and high performance friction materials are used. The stator has been modified for an improved fluid coupling that will improve driveability and towing ability

Four Disc Converters.. This is it, the all out extreme duty torque converter for your dodge!!! The massive lock up assembly in this converter will handle more than any other converter on the market. This converter is only recommended for extreme duty transmissions with all billet shafts.

68RFE Triple Disc... Available in nondampened unit as descried above. What sets this single disc apart from others is the full billet lock up assembly. None of the stamped factory components are used in our super single converters; we replace them with a full billet lock-up piston, coupled with a billet front cover. Building converters with these components does away with all of the flexing and ballooning associated with factory units, making for the most rigid single disc lock-up assembly available. These converters handle 500hp easily, and come with a unique one year upgrade option. If you decide to upgrade to a triple disc within the first year, full credit is given for your single disc towards your triple purchase price.

The triple disc converter is a common upgrade to improve the strength of the dodge drive train with today’s upgraded power levels. Our triple disc converters come with a new billet clutch piston that eliminates the factory dampening springs. The stock springs collapse and coil bind at 700 ft lbs of torque, which over time produces metal contamination to your transmission fluid. Coupled with our billet front cover, this gives you a converter that easily handles 750 hp. If a dampened clutch apply piston suits your needs, we offer a triple disc that is tunable for your torque level. The dampening springs are tunable from 700 ft lbs of torque up to 1100 ft lbs of torque. This converter is perfect for the camper puller that has mild upgrades, uses exhaust braking, and wants extra piece of mind.

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