Wilson Thrasher Intake System +30hp!!!

Wilson Thrasher Intake System +30hp!!!
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The Wilson Thrasher kit consists of an alloy cast elbow, billet baseplate, Stainless-Viton rubber gasket, and all necessary fasteners. The installation time is approximately two hours.

In contrast with the OEM arrangement, this new induction system provides greater equality of air-fuel distribution.

As a result the Thrasher generates: - Better horsepower and torque, especially when cruising between 2000-2250 rpm - Increased fuel economy - Lower exhaust gas temperatures - Less smoke - Improved drivability and less turbo lag

The Thrasher intake system was dynamometer tested under strict disciplines. The intake was compared with the OEM manifold, both of which were tested with a factory ECU. The two intakes were then compared against each other with the use of an aftermarket program. Gains over stock manifold with stock ECU: 30HP & 79ft-lb of torque Gains over stock manifold with aftermarket ECU: 117HP & 307ft-lb of torque

*******This kit was originally designed for 03-07 Cummins, but can be used on the 98.5-02 Cummins with slight modifications to the plate.*****